• jonstle

    They could use a little something different at Motorola.

  • mernen

    Not a fan of all of Samsung’s ads, but they certainly have a number of quality stuff there. And it’s undeniable they have had a positive effect on Samsung’s perception and sales. Having another company with good sales numbers would only improve the ecosystem, so more power to Motorola.

  • jamal adam

    This good news, Motorola needs a new strategy for advertising their smartphones. Verizon has made Motorola the face of their DROID campaigns and in order to spread their wings and become more competitive, they need to make their brand more recognized as being uniquely Motorola. Even though some might not have liked Samsung’s ads, it got the job done and made the Galaxy S series a household name. Now, Motorola needs to do the same. Also, with the rumors of the X phone being developed, I think that this is a smart move by Google.