• Brickerhaus

    And thats why Android is killing it in the smart phone market. This will really lead to more people having Android in emerging markets.

  • marcus1518

    20 is unbeatable…..this thing would be awesome to get ahold of…

  • boddam

    wow…the processor on this must be made by a child

  • kookeetree

    Ubislate 7ci spec sheet also comparing to other Ubislate:


  • greyrog

    this is good more affordable tech.

  • sbala

    You can’t use it for more than some months.
    You have to notice the cruel interior finishings.

  • Sameer

    This will be beneficial for education system in poor countries like African, Asian..I must say its great invention

  • durgeshcrazy

    Awsome tablete…..after some days android will no 1…..

  • jhagerup

    I think this was such a great product to help almost anyone have more access to the modern world and it’s electronic means of doing almost everything.