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Preview BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone, Android device

Get a brief preview of BlackBerry 10 using just your iPhone or Android browser. (Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET) There’s been a lot of talk and attention regarding BlackBerry and its launch of BlackBerry 10. If all the hype has piqued your interest — even the slightest bit — you can catch a glimpse of the new operating system directly from your iPhone or Android browser.

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  • Sameer

    RIM conducted seminar in New Delhi and distribute some bet version of Blackberry 10 device. I was lucky and got it. This device is very cool with excellent screen display , good camera and most importantly very responsive.

    I lacks only in term of application

    • pjamies

      You mean something different then what was launched last month?
      We need pics dude… send pics!

      • Sameer

        Send pics !!! here i share what i had seen with Blackberry z 10.