• http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Whoa! This is great news! The phone subsidies, that is. Not the iPhone.

    I’ve been on T-Mobile’s value plans with 5 lines since the Galaxy S III launched and it’s been a great deal! We originally had 5 lines with 1k minutes shared and 2GB data (before throttle) and unlimited SMS for ~$125/mo (total for all 5 lines)! Sure, T-Mobile doesn’t have a great network everywhere but it even rivals VZW’s network here in Indianapolis, so I’ve been loving being with them!! I’ve since upgraded a couple lines to truly unlimited data for an add’l $10 per line and it’s great!! :-)

  • avijaunty

    IPhone and no subsidy? Apple is going to go the blackberry way soon ….

  • scubabum

    “T-Mobile will have to explain to customers that they will actually save money over the length of a two-year contract by paying a lower value plan rate”.

    Wow, buy the iPhone at full price (from $650 to $850) and still have to sign-up for a 2-year contract? I would try the non-contract, monthly deal instead.

    • PJofTheGame

      Your choices are to get the two year contract and the subsidy, or not get it. If you don’t get it, you should be comparing the savings you would get over 2 years- even though you are not locked in for that period.

  • trailblazerz

    Looking forward to this. Been a loyal T-mobile customer for 10+years. I’m in Hong Kong for a year and love that carriers don’t control phone retail. I can get any phone I want and just walk into any service provider. It is quite silly if you think about it, you don’t see TV providers selling TV’s.

    The competition it brings is beneficial to consumers, phone carriers will actually persuade you with their SERVICE and pricing, not exclusives on phones.

    The problem is that people can’t do math and would rather pay carriers more long term.

  • KingCrow02

    Bold move T-Mobile