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The Nexus 4 is a warning: If you’re going Android, you’re following the carriers’ rules

Making a deal with the Mafia is never without risks. Some mobsters require particularly steep payments, including, but not limited to: broken kneecaps, a horse’s head for a pillow, or a bad trip to the barbershop. Others, like, say, AT&T and Verizon, require other concessions, like an exclusive device here or the installation of crapware there.

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  • Brickerhaus

    A lot of what this guy says is the truth. My HTC One S is the first Non Nexus device. I wish I had a choice of a Nexus device when I got it. And finally Google is embracing T-Mobile and blessing them with the superior “stock UI” again, but is it really loyalty or are they trying to spread the love and I just got stuck on the wrong day of the week in Google’s multi carrier marriage.. I have always liked T-Mo and Android since the Nexus One. But the carriers are the evil “Man” and T-Mob is probably the best Organized Phone Mob organization out there. They have always been the most lenient and open about the nexus devices. My next phone will again be a Nexus device again. Just gonna have to wait until my contract is up, because T-Mo has got a crappy idea of a subsidy.