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Verizon is OK With Isis Mobile Wallet Accessing the Secure Element on Your Phone, Just Not Google Wallet

Last week, we put together yet another new piece that discussed Verizon’s reasoning for not allowing Google Wallet to work on their NFC-equipped devices. In a response to an FCC complaint, VZW argued that since Google Wallet requires interaction with the “secure element” of a phone, that it’s different than normal applications, including other m-commerce apps.

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  • jonstle

    Nice article. Kind of solidifies peoples assumption that Verizon was blocking Google Wallet because they were creating their own payment system.

    I wonder if outside agencies are going to get involved in this sometime in the future. it is my understanding that the payment system works through the NFC chip and not the cell network. I can understand Verizon being able to limit what travels on their network but if it does not do they have the legal ground to stop Google Wallet? Or any other similar payment system?

    I am not to familiar with this subject so forgive me if my thought on it are naive.