• pjamies

    No, say it ain’t so !!
    What the hell does FB want this app for anyways?
    Almost all phones have the FB app installed by default!
    There is no way that I am opening a stupid FB account so
    I can use this app!!
    What a waste of a great app!!

    Damn you Mark Zuckerberg!!

  • http://gplus.to/winkx droidguyuk

    Your right I wouldn’t use it again..
    Facebook don’t even need it .

  • imdiane

    I really really hope Facebook doesn’t buy out Whatsapp. Whatsapp is great the way it is. I don’t need Facebook to come and invade my life even more than it does.

    I like to keep both separate but it seems like Facebook is intended on being a big competitor.. We shall see how it plays out.

  • marcus1518

    Facebook would definitely ruin it….oh well, good things can only last for so long I guess

  • Brickerhaus

    Just one more thing Facebook can learn about you and sell to the advertisers. At least Google keeps all of it social graph info in house. Facebook is the next Microsoft. Antitrust is just around the corner.

  • ConfuciusTse

    I use Whatsapp but am kind of annoyed how I have to use my phone to access it. I like how Google Talk works across devices but not everybody has access to that (iPhone). However, FB messaging may actually end up being a killer app. If they added independent alerts (separate from FB postings) and the ability to shortcut to particular people, I’d be willing to convert over. Add in some limited multimedia sharing and it would be far ahead of the competition.

  • Nwemo

    I don’t like this idea at all,I love the fact they’re both seperate and I like the simplicity f Whatsapp,I’m pretty sure Facebook would just change everything.Sigh.

  • juno23

    No no no! They CANNOT do this, I love whatsapp so only the people who I know have my number and can contact me. Facebooks not secure anymore as privacy settings are automatically changing I.e when you upload your profile picture it automatically gets set to ‘public’ and I have noticed a few of my status’s (which I have set that only friends can view) get seen by everyone! The whole reason I haven’t put my phone number on there and my correct contact details is because of the amount on bogus accounts being made everyday & the weirdos I have adding me. I really really hope Facebook don’t take over whatsapp as its very ideal when you don’t have credit and I use it daily! :(