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Why Do Americans Hate Android And Love Apple?

Why do Americans overwhelmingly prefer iPhone when the rest of the world has overwhelmingly embraced Android? The numbers tell an incredible story. Worldwide, Android has 75% market share in smartphones, versus 15% for Apple, according to IDC. But in the United States the iPhone still rules, accounting for 63% of smartphone sales at Verizon and an amazing 84% of smartphone sales at AT&T.

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  • awundrin

    Maybe because Steve Jobs is considered by many to be a modern-day, American pioneer. American boy dreams big and creates an empire.

  • lars

    i think it has to do with the way carriers do things in the us. in denmark or europe, they dont have NEARLY as much power. Its rare to see a carrier branded phone, and NO carrier here does anything to the software, hence you are not forced to wait for verizon or others to update your android, just the manufacturer. also the idea that a phone wil worrk with one carrier and not the other is pretty much unheard off here. you get the phone, you can get it from a carrier but it just means you sign a contract saying you will pay a minimum of say 20us a month, you get to talk for the 20us but if you dont use it you still have to pay 20us, anyway you are free in the mean time to change carrier all you want, sometimes you have to pay a fee of 40us or something like that, but thats was mostly back in the old nokia days. What i think is fascinating though is that fact that carriers in the us do this, and people let them it seem like its very unamerican (but what do i know) i does at leas limit the customers freedom. Apple on the other hand keeps a tight grip on its ios and it would seem you get a better user experiance from ios in the us than you would on android. personally i never bought into ios because it felt very restrictive, i remember ios user saying “i dont use Flash” and today its “i dont use NFC”…well to me a least that just sound like a bad excuse, i used flash, i also use NFC heavily. the first iphone i had dident send MMS, i figured it was a mistake, even my old Qtek1010 phone did that (qtek = HTC when they made PDA’s) but it was not, it felt like i had to wait for the gods of apple to LET me use MMS, same goes now, there is nothing stopping apple from including NFC and a bunch of other things but they dont. If you dont get new features, how can you know you miss them, and even worse how can you use it creatively? ios is stale here in Europe. take the bus, use you nfc phone to pay..simple just not on ios. If you miss something on android you can program it yourself with actual hardware layer access…not so on ios. you have to go through itunes and wait…on android you just side load it…the amount of internal university apps i have seen on android makes me cringe at the prospect of using a ios tablet for school. But thats my personal experience. when i used and iphone it felt like it did things well..but if i wanted to do something else with it, it dident do it at all, in essence i felt like a kid with an administer restriceted peice of tech or a borrowed phone…android lets me use my tech for what I want, no bares or red tape.