October 27, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich, Patent Wars, and a fond look back at the G1

We're back for round two of our revamped weekly newsletter. In this week's episode, you'll find more information on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich than you can shake a stick at, some info on the battle between iOS and Android, and some reminiscing of the three year anniversary of the device that started it all - the T-Mobile G1.

apple_patent_generic (1)

The lawsuits are about to get uglier: Apple wins patent on slide to unlock

Apple has scored a potentially key victory in the Great Patent Race of 2011. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Apple a patent on the “Slide to Unlock” functionality that was made popular with the introduction of the iPhone and is now found in many Android devices. The details on ... Read More »


Motorola: Ice Cream Sandwich devices coming 6 weeks after release (Update: devices confirmed)

Whoa there, Motorola! Getting aggressive, aren’t we? While other manufacturers are “looking into” device updates to Ice Cream Sandwich, these guys are not playing it safe. The company has decided to give us time frames. Motorola just tweeted that they will be releasing Android 4.0 devices 6 weeks after the final version of Android 4.0 ... Read More »


Steve Jobs didn’t think too highly of Android

The Associated Press has received an early copy of Steve Jobs’ upcoming biography. In the no-holds-barred biography of the man we love to hate (and hate to love), Steve’s true feelings about Android come out.

It’s painfully obvious that Steve Jobs thought that Android stole almost its entire operating system from Apple, even though many ... Read More »


First impressions: T-Mobile G1 (three years later)

Exactly three years ago, those who pre-ordered began receiving their T-Mobile G1′s, the little phone that started it all. I was lucky enough to be in that group. After spending several hours with the bronze-colored geegaw on October 20, 2008, I wrote up my breathless, geeked-out thoughts for my personal blog. It’s cute, I was ... Read More »


Samsung dethrones Apple, crowned new king of smartphone market

According to the Wall Street Journal and a person familiar with the situation, it looks like Samsung has finally been crowned as king of the smartphone world; the company sold more than 20 million smartphones in Q3. When Samsung announces their third-quarter earnings next week, analysts are expecting Samsung’s smartphone shipments to range between 20-30 ... Read More »


Googler tells us about his fave Android 4.0 features not covered in launch demo

Now that the Android 4.0 SDK is available, we’ll have tons of hackers tearing up the latest release searching for even more goodies hidden within the code. You could spend your time installing the emulator and playing with it yourself or you could just turn to Android engineer Dan Morrill for a ... Read More »


Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich details and highlights

Tonight, Google unveiled the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Nexus. While the phone itself is an amazing piece of technology, the underlying software is really what makes the phone unique among the latest flagship devices that have hit the markets over the past month or two. After Samsung took a few minutes to talk about the new ... Read More »


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