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Aug 29 AT 2:07 PM Nick Gray 24 Comments

Cher Wang claims Android camp is not defeated, HTC will not settle with Apple

Despite Apple’s victory over Samsung last week, new comments from HTC’s chairwoman, Cher Wang, suggest that the company has no intention of settling with Apple. Apple and Samsung have accused each other of infringing on multiple utility and system patents, but HTC has not been accused of copying any of Apple’s design patents, which proved to be ... Read More »

Aug 29 AT 1:41 PM Nick Gray 36 Comments

Samsung announces 16MP Galaxy Camera with Android 4.1, 4.7-inch display, 21x zoom

Taking pictures with your Android powered phone has improved over the past few years, but we all know our phones are still outclassed even by the cheapest point-and-shoot cameras on the market. With that in mind, Samsung has just unveiled its new Android powered Samsung Galaxy Camera with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a ... Read More »


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Aug 08 AT 2:22 PM Nick Gray 32 Comments

AT&T Sony Xperia ion review

For decades, the Sony brand has stood above the competition in consumer electronics. Sony was considered the gold standard by which everyone else was judged. While the company has fallen from its glory days and its market share has suffered significantly due to competition from Samsung and LG, Sony products still have a unique style which ... Read More »