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Nov 16 AT 11:36 AM Taylor Wimberly 5 Comments

Qualcomm grows Snapdragon S4 family to cover all tiers of smartphones and tablets

Today Qualcomm announced the expansion of their upcoming Snapdragon S4 platform to cover all tiers of smartphones and tablets. New chipsets to join the S4 family include MSM8660A, MSM8260A, MSM8630, MSM8230, MSM8627, MSM8227, APQ8060A and APQ8030. This is in addition to the previously announced MSM8960, MSM8930 and APQ8064. The press release was light on ... Read More »


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Jul 21 AT 2:51 AM Taylor Wimberly 15 Comments

Qualcomm put on the gas, Krait sampled ahead of schedule, first commercial 28nm device this calendar year

Who will have the lowest-power, highest-performance mobile processor in Android devices by the end of this year?

Qualcomm tried to clear up any confusion about the launch of their new processor micro-architecture, code-named Krait, on today’s Q3 2011 earnings call. “We sampled the Snapdragon MSM8960 ahead of schedule this quarter,” said Steven Mollenkopf,  Qualcomm’s Executive ... Read More »

Feb 07 AT 3:14 PM Taylor Wimberly 12 Comments

Texas Instruments reveals OMAP5, multi-core Cortex-A15, products slated for second half of 2012

Today Texas Instruments announced their new OMAP5 platform, which they think till transform the concept of mobile because it “creates disruptive mobile experiences akin to Henry Ford’s transformative automobile advancements.” The 28nm OMAP5 platform features over a dozen specialized cores, but the ones we care about are the two Cortex-A15 MPcores which offer speeds ... Read More »