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Nov 22 AT 4:07 PM Taylor Wimberly 13 Comments

Turn off accelerated page loading to speed up web browsing on your Kindle Fire

Remember Amazon’s all-new Silk Browser available exclusively on the Kindle Fire that promised to deliver a faster web browsing experience? Our friends at Anandtech put the “split browser” architecture through a series of test and discovered that Silk does consume less bandwidth as advertised, but the performance is actually slower.

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Nov 16 AT 9:45 AM Taylor Wimberly 15 Comments

Amazon Kindle Fire unboxing and specs don’t matter, but ecosystem and price will push it past iPad sales

Can the Amazon Kindle Fire really outsell Apple’s iPad2? After spending less than a day with the $199 Kindle Fire, I believe Amazon will pull it off. And I think it will happen much sooner than many analyst are thinking.

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