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Jun 12 AT 8:56 AM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

ASUS may buy HTC

ASUS has long been a big name in the PC world, but in recent years, the company has made great strides in regards to mobile devices. Now ASUS may be looking to expand even further with an acquisition of HTC. In response to questions raised at ASUS’s annual meeting, Chairman Johnny Shih ... Read More »


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Feb 18 AT 5:14 PM Nick Sarafolean 5 Comments

Samsung is buying LoopPay to move ahead in the mobile payments war

Samsung has announced that it’s acquiring LoopPay, a mobile payment company that Samsung has reportedly worked with in the past. LoopPay specializes in mobile payments through the same magnetic stripe card readers that nearly every business utilizes. LoopPay utilizes a technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission that allows a standard card terminal to function in ... Read More »

Jan 19 AT 2:46 PM Sean Riley 0 Comments

Samsung will continue to partner with BlackBerry, no purchase plans

Last week we brought you a Reuters report that Samsung was considering a purchase of BlackBerry. Samsung quickly quashed those rumors, but it didn’t elaborate.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, Samsung Co-CEO J.K. Shin provided some clarification on the company’s relationship with BlackBerry going forward. It doesn’t involve an acquisition, however; Samsung ... Read More »