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Apr 16 AT 8:37 AM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Meerkat announces open beta for Android

Meerkat, the quick success livestreaming platform, has announced an open beta for its Android app. After a sudden burst onto the scene last month, Meerkat has been quickly trying to develop a stable Android app, allowing it to have a broader user base. With Twitter’s competitor app Periscope quickly gaining traction, Meerkat needs to find ... Read More »

Jun 03 AT 12:58 AM Anthony Domanico 38 Comments

doubleTwist releases companion Android app for desktop client

DoubleTwist has announced today that they have released an Android music player replacement app–offering music, video, podcast, and picture integration with its PC and Mac software. The doubleTwist press release states that their app will bring a seamless end-to-end media experience that will allow users to finally leave their iPods at home.

Initial set up ... Read More »