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Jun 03 AT 8:25 AM Brooks Barnard 0 Comments

Google’s new Android developer training programs and Nanodegree via Udacity

At Google I/O last week, Sundar Pichai announced a new Android development training program named Nanodegrees. Google wants to enable the next generation of Android developers because they see how fast Android is growing and how they need bright minds like you to make it awesome. They have partnered with Udacity, a leader in scalable online education, to ... Read More »

Jan 30 AT 3:06 PM Dustin Earley 10 Comments

Android Developers lands official Google+ page

When Google announced the Android Design website aimed at helping developers feel more at home with Holo, the theme used throughout Android 4.0, Matias Duarte made it clear that Android development was headed into the next phase. Google is looking to create a more cohesive experience when it comes to developing for Android for ... Read More »

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