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Nov 30 AT 3:52 PM Nick Gray 316 Comments

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note II

Over the past year, Samsung has pushed its way to the top, becoming the most dominant force in the Android marketplace. While HTC, Motorola, Sony and LG struggle to maintain or gain market share, Samsung’s been busy creating a whole new category of phones that make even the Samsung Galaxy S III feel and look small. Last year, ... Read More »

Jul 08 AT 11:43 AM Guest Blogger 22 Comments

AT&T HTC Aria review

AT&T has been notably absent in the Android game, offering a pitiful offering of phones with the exception of the Nexus One… but that’s not really offered by AT&T. Fortunately for those AT&T users out there, there’s finally a crop of pretty good Android phones coming up, including today’s review: The HTC Aria ($130 with ... Read More »

Jun 11 AT 8:30 PM Christopher Earle 18 Comments

Lock 2.0 Reviewed For Android

One of the criticisms of Android based devices that has often been leveled by corporate IT departments is security. With only pattern based security, by default, the number of possible pattern security combinations is fairly small. The chance of someone being able to replicate a default security pattern by watching an Android user unlock his ... Read More »