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May 20 AT 9:59 PM Nick Gray 19 Comments

AT&T to enable video chat over cellular connection on all applications by year end

While Google Hangouts has a few flaws, there are countless things it does right.¬†Besides¬†group messaging, video calling is probably one of the most compelling features of Google’s new messaging app. We’ve taken video calls out for a spin a few times and it’s worked flawlessly in nearly every situation. The only time the service did ... Read More »

Jan 06 AT 2:39 PM Nick Gray 7 Comments

Skype announces their acquisition of Qik, may soon offer their own video calling service for Android

CES is always filled with surprises, but we were certainly not expecting Skype to announce their acquisition of Qik. As you know, Qik got started as a small start-up which allowed users to simultaneously record and stream video from their mobile handsets. With the release of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G, Qik added real-time video ... Read More »

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