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Oct 04 AT 3:20 PM Dustin Earley 54 Comments

New Apple iPhone 4S availability, pricing creates fierce competition for Android

Apple has just announced their latest version of the iPhone–a reworked version of the iPhone 4 known as the iPhone 4S. Design wise, nothing has changed. Internally, Apple is finally catching up. And in pricing and availability? It looks like Android will finally face some stiff competition when it comes to who sells the iPhone ... Read More »

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Aug 16 AT 12:56 PM Edgar Cervantes 95 Comments

Android vs. iOS: Stereotypes and lifestyles

Though it’s best to try and not make judgements based on device preference, we cannot help but see certain stereotypes pop up. The Android vs iOS war does not only involve phones, apps, UIs and technology; we’ve also seen people mention stereotypes dealing with income, personality, social status and many other factors attached to a ... Read More »