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Dec 06 AT 4:15 PM Dustin Earley 123 Comments

What does T-Mobile carrying the iPhone mean for Android? A whole lot of nothing.

T-Mobile has made a huge announcement today that should have champions of choice jumping for joy. Starting in 2013, T-Mobile will officially begin to carry Apple products. Already, there have been a handful of stories all over the web questioning what it means for Android now that the four largest carriers ... Read More »

android-vs-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons
Oct 27 AT 11:20 AM Anthony Domanico 56 Comments

New chart visualizes Android fragmentation

Michael DeGusta has painted a painful picture of the ongoing Android vs. iOS war. Mr. DeGusta looked back at all US-available Android devices as of mid-2010 and compared their update cycles to that ¬†of Apple’s iPhone. Frankly, when it comes to OS fragmentation, it doesn’t look good for Android.

Aug 16 AT 12:56 PM Edgar Cervantes 95 Comments

Android vs. iOS: Stereotypes and lifestyles

Though it’s best to try and not make judgements based on device preference, we cannot help but see certain stereotypes pop up. The Android vs iOS war does not only involve phones, apps, UIs and technology; we’ve also seen people mention stereotypes dealing with income, personality, social status and many other factors attached to a ... Read More »

Aug 01 AT 2:19 PM Edgar Cervantes 32 Comments

Android has almost 50% world smartphone market share, iOS bumped to second place

Watching Android evolve since the release of the T-Mobile G1 has definitely been exciting. Everyone knew it had great potential. And Google has worked diligently to improve the Android experience. The smartphone market is in the middle of an explosion, causing a great deal of competition among operating systems and manufacturers. That little green ... Read More »