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Dec 26 AT 5:36 PM Edgar Cervantes 50 Comments

MotoActv rooted and running Honeycomb launcher, much smoother than we would think (Update)

We have been hearing about Google testing some smart watches, lately. The idea of being able to access your messages, social networks, apps, and other features from your wrist seems quite convenient. Manufacturers haven’t quite found the right equation for these devices, though.

Most of these gadgets are very limited, expensive or simply not ... Read More »

Nov 02 AT 4:59 PM Taylor Wimberly 31 Comments

Let’s all buy Sony Ericsson’s LiveView smartwatch, so they make a better one next year

Have you ever wanted an Android-powered smartwatch? Sony Ericsson’s LiveView is the Android smartwatch that nerds have been waiting for, maybe. The Bluetooth accessory connects to your Android 2.x device and provides a mini stream of data to your wrist (or wherever you clip it) so you no longer have to pull your phone out of your pocket to ... Read More »