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Mar 07 AT 12:53 PM Anthony Domanico 4 Comments

Gowalla gets revamped in version 3

Today, Gowalla announced that they have released a “rethought and reworked” version of their check-in application onto the Android market. With Gowalla 3, the Gowalla team hoped to bring an application that was uniquely Gowalla and uniquely Android, a feat they’ve largely accomplished with the new release, though you’ll still notice some overlap with its ... Read More »

Sep 09 AT 12:36 PM Anthony Domanico 8 Comments

Google Voice updated, adds two widgets

Just days after the leaked Google Voice application from Tmobile’s upcoming G2 phone, Google Voice received an official update in the Android Market. The updated application brings two new homescreen widgets.

The Google Voice Inbox Widget allows you to view your Google Voice voicemail and text messages right from your homescreen without needing to launch ... Read More »

Aug 10 AT 6:55 PM Anthony Domanico 12 Comments

GEICO releases Insurance Glovebox app for Android

GEICO announced today the release of their Insurance Glovebox application for the Android Platform. The Insurance Glovebox application provides users the ability to get an instant insurance quote, pay your GEICO bill, and view your insurance cards.

Once you find yourself in an accident (hopefully never), you can use your phone’s camera to take pictures and submit ... Read More »