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Nov 16 AT 11:36 AM Taylor Wimberly 5 Comments

Qualcomm grows Snapdragon S4 family to cover all tiers of smartphones and tablets

Today Qualcomm announced the expansion of their upcoming Snapdragon S4 platform to cover all tiers of smartphones and tablets. New chipsets to join the S4 family include MSM8660A, MSM8260A, MSM8630, MSM8230, MSM8627, MSM8227, APQ8060A and APQ8030. This is in addition to the previously announced MSM8960, MSM8930 and APQ8064. The press release was light on ... Read More »

May 29 AT 9:51 PM Taylor Wimberly 27 Comments

Qualcomm’s next gen Snapdragon on track to sample next month, 28nm chip promises 75% lower power

NVIDIA will ship the world’s first mobile quad-core processor (Kal-El), but Qualcomm is on track to be the first to market with a mobile 28nm processor. Delivering up to twice the density of previous manufacturing nodes, 28nm technology allows chips to do far more with less power.

Qualcomm just announced that their next generation of ... Read More »

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