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Apr 26 AT 7:20 AM Taylor Wimberly 140 Comments

Australian protesters tell Apple iSheep to “WAKE UP”

Update: Samsung says they have nothing to do with this.

We know Samsung has an unhealthy obsession with Apple, but this is getting a little weird. This week in Australia, a marketing agency called Tongue hired some protestors to conduct some kind of guerrilla marketing campaign where they sent a bus of protesters to an Apple store and taunted ... Read More »


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Dec 09 AT 9:54 AM Nick Gray 74 Comments

Motorola and Samsung catch a break in fight against Apple

Tis the season to be jolly. Things are finally looking good for both Motorola and Samsung in their separate battles against Apple’s tyranny in the mobile and tablet space. First up is the ruling from the court in Australia which has denied Apple’s appeal on the court’s decision to allow Samsung to sell the Galaxy ... Read More »

lego-lawyer-gun-briefcase Image via: pasukaru76 with Creative Commons