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Jul 30 AT 11:26 AM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Blackphone 2 will support Android for Work when it launches in September, more companies on board too

Back in March of this year, Silent Circle officially unveiled the Blackphone 2, a souped-up version of the original device that still focuses primarily on security and encryption.

Now Silent Circle has another announcement to make: The Blackphone 2, when it launches later this year, will officially support Android for Work, which allows individuals ... Read More »

Blackphone 2
Dec 09 AT 12:50 PM Alex Wagner 2 Comments

Blackphone will gain privacy-focused app store and Silent Spaces features in 2015

Blackphone and its Android-based PrivatOS have always been about security, and starting next year, that same focus will be applied to an application store.

Blackphone will roll an update to its phone in early 2015 that’ll include the Blackphone App Store, which the company touts as “the world’s first privacy-focused app store.” The ... Read More »


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Jun 30 AT 10:50 AM Nick Sarafolean 5 Comments

Blackphone now shipping to the tune of $630

Security concerns are at some of the highest levels in history thanks to things like the NSA’s surveillance. Out of that, the security-centric Blackphone was born. Blackphone is a decent Android smartphone that’s all about privacy. After the Blackphone was announced, the initial inventory sold out quite quickly. Now the phone is shipping out to ... Read More »