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Oct 31 AT 1:33 PM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Google’s Fast Pair for Bluetooth headphones aims to streamline the pairing process

Connecting a Bluetooth device to a device can be a headache, with menus and pairing numbers. Google wants to streamline that process.

Announced today, Fast Pair does exactly as the name suggests. It will allow Android devices to simply put a pair of (supported) Bluetooth headphones next to their phone and quickly pair them. To make ... Read More »

Google Fast Pair

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Sep 11 AT 2:48 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Fender Newport Bluetooth speaker review

Fender is known for making guitars and amplifiers that are easily recognized by nearly anyone. So it’s no surprise that the company is getting into Bluetooth speakers. The Newport is the cheaper of the pair, offering the classic guitar amp look paired with most of the Bluetooth basics.

Price: $199.99Battery: 12 hoursConnectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 with ... Read More »

Fender Newport 1