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Oct 20 AT 3:36 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Nexus 6P features e-fuse to permanently mark unlocking of the bootloader

The Nexus line of devices have historically been fantastic developer devices because of their fast updates, availability of source code, and easy bootloader unlock and root methods. This has also attracted all the phone modders, who love tinkering with their devices and creating new software for them.

Unfortunately, things might be moving away from that ... Read More »


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Nov 22 AT 3:02 PM Dustin Earley 4 Comments

Unlocking your Motorola Developer Edition handset’s bootloader will no longer void your warranty

It’s a new day for Motorola. The company has been making strides in how they conduct business lately by beating nearly everyone, including Google, to the punch in updating their handsets to the latest version of Android, and now doing a 180 on their terrible Developer Edition policies.

Announced on the official Motorola blog, unlocking ... Read More »

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