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Jul 25 AT 3:18 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Flash will be gone from Chrome by 2020

We don’t know many people who really miss Adobe Flash. HTML is faster, more secure, and easier on resources. Flash was a mess, causing major lag playing a 2D Flash game on a $2,000 gaming rig. Not to mention that Flash is far less common these days. In 2014, over 80% of Chrome users visited ... Read More »

Oct 14 AT 3:54 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

HTC is discontinuing its web browser by November 30

OEMs are known to add their own apps to their devices alongside Google’s stock apps. You’ll often find two of each app on devices from Samsung, HTC, LG, or anything that doesn’t run stock Android. It definitely gets annoying, especially when the apps are simply outdated.

HTC is officially discontinuing its web browser, leaving its devices with just the ... Read More »

Oct 29 AT 5:05 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Google plans to fold Chrome OS into Android

Mobile is the future, and Google has pursued both Android and Chrome OS as mobile platforms for a while now. Chromebooks still haven’t been doing well, accounting for 3% of all PCs purchased, but Android has been excelling. The strategy of using a platform for apps seems to be working a lot better than bringing ... Read More »

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