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Jan 25 AT 4:02 PM Taylor Wimberly 33 Comments

3 reasons why NVIDIA won round 1 of the multi-core wars, and why they might win the next couple rounds as well

I am a fan of mobile technology. That is the reason I was drawn to purchase the T-Mobile G1 and it’s also the reason I started this blog. Over the years I’ve authored some pretty opinionated articles and have been accused of being a fanboy for HTC, T-Mobile, and now NVIDIA, but the only club ... Read More »

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Jan 07 AT 4:12 PM Taylor Wimberly 7 Comments

Watch the full Motorola CES 2011 event

Motorola Mobility stomped the competition at this year’s CES by announcing several dual-core phones and the first Honeycomb tablet. If you got some to kill and want to see Sanjay Jha announce the Atrix 4G, Droid Bionic, Cliq 2 and XOOM then check out the video after the jump.