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Oct 13 AT 6:13 PM Taylor Wimberly 6 Comments

Foursquare 4.0 introduces Locale-like Radar notifications, coming soon to Android

Still think check-in apps are lame and useless? Foursquare just announced their 4.0 release for iOS, which includes a new feature called Radar that can automatically alert you about nearby things you might be interested in.

Foursquare describes the new Radar feature on their blog: Now, if you follow a list, like ... Read More »

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Mar 07 AT 12:53 PM Anthony Domanico 4 Comments

Gowalla gets revamped in version 3

Today, Gowalla announced that they have released a “rethought and reworked” version of their check-in application onto the Android market. With Gowalla 3, the Gowalla team hoped to bring an application that was uniquely Gowalla and uniquely Android, a feat they’ve largely accomplished with the new release, though you’ll still notice some overlap with its ... Read More »