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Aug 13 AT 9:43 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

‘Strategic realignment’ at HTC will leave 15 percent of the company’s employees jobless

With Q3 earning projections expected to be the worst in the company’s history, HTC is kicking off an internal realignment that will allow the company to focus on “profitable key areas of premium smartphones, virtual reality and connected lifestyle products.” While this means that HTC Vive and HTC’s upcoming wearables line are still on track, more ... Read More »

Aug 31 AT 10:02 AM Nick Gray 30 Comments

Top members of HTC’s design team arrested for fraud, stealing trade secrets

The internal drama at HTC continues as a handful of HTC’s employees were arrested earlier today on charges of fraudulent expenses and stealing trade secrets. The most notable names among those arrested are Thomas Chien (Vice President of Product Design,  Wu Chien Hung Director of R&D and senior design team manager Justin Huang (responsible for the ... Read More »

Aug 29 AT 2:07 PM Nick Gray 24 Comments

Cher Wang claims Android camp is not defeated, HTC will not settle with Apple

Despite Apple’s victory over Samsung last week, new comments from HTC’s chairwoman, Cher Wang, suggest that the company has no intention of settling with Apple. Apple and Samsung have accused each other of infringing on multiple utility and system patents, but HTC has not been accused of copying any of Apple’s design patents, which proved to be ... Read More »