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May 30 AT 9:05 PM Dima Aryeh 7 Comments

LG G3 disassembled, rated 8/10 for repairability

The LG G3 impressed a lot of us tech enthusiasts when it was announced earlier this week. With its 5.5-inch 2560×1440 display and incredibly thin bezels, it’s a dream phone for many. However, it’s also important to determine how theĀ device is designed and how long it’ll last. HavingĀ a removable battery is great, but what about ... Read More »

LG G3 teardown
May 05 AT 2:42 PM Matt Demers 8 Comments

Droid Incredible stripped, re-clothed

I’ve never been one for disassembly videos (why break it when you can use it?), but this stop-motion stripping off a Droid Incredible has me feeling a bit giddy.

The video goes from unboxing to reassembly with much higher production values than that kid down the street with a screwdriver and a hammer; props to ... Read More »