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Apr 27 AT 6:39 PM Alberto Vildosola 7 Comments

Latest Droid Charge TV ad smashes 4G and Droid together or something like that (Video)

Hopefully, you haven’t had enough of those movie-like Droid TV ads — we certainly haven’t. Because Verizon is back at it again, this time with a Droid Charge ad. The ad has everything you can expect from a Droid commercial at this point. Mysterious-looking henchmen? Check. Futuristic, underground facility? Check. Mechs? Check. Sexy girl? Check. More ... Read More »

Apr 15 AT 11:01 PM Russell Holly 16 Comments

Hands on with the Samsung Droid Charge!

LTE is really great if it’s in your area already. Even though the network is not fully populated when compared to WiMAX in it’s infancy, it’s still much much faster, and relatively low latency. It’s a mobile network that routinely puts low end cable and DSL ISP’s to shame in my opinion. The HTC Thunderbolt, ... Read More »