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Jul 26 AT 4:42 PM Nick Gray 16 Comments

HTC Desire and Nexus One to be fitted with SLCD displays, DROID Incredible sticks with AMOLED

HTC has officially announced their switch from AMOLED to SLCD displays for the Nexus One and HTC Desire.  Low supplies of the Samsung sourced AMOLED display has led to manufacturing delays for several HTC handsets.

The new SLCD displays from SONY offer boarder viewing angles, improved battery performance and improved visibility in direct sunlight.  ... Read More »

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May 05 AT 2:42 PM Matt Demers 8 Comments

Droid Incredible stripped, re-clothed

I’ve never been one for disassembly videos (why break it when you can use it?), but this stop-motion stripping off a Droid Incredible has me feeling a bit giddy.

The video goes from unboxing to reassembly with much higher production values than that kid down the street with a screwdriver and a hammer; props to ... Read More »