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Jul 19 AT 12:51 PM Alberto Vildosola 19 Comments

Eric Schmidt: Our competitors are responding with lawsuits because they cannot compete with us

Speaking at Google’s Mobile Revolution conference in Tokyo, Japan, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, talked about the growing number of patent lawsuits levied at Android. The ex-Google CEO had a lot to say about the way competitors have decided to go after Android using lawsuits and bogus patent infringement claims.

As we’ve seen lately, ... Read More »

May 14 AT 12:29 PM Matt Demers 13 Comments

65,000 Android phones shipping per day

Well, that’s a big number. In an annual stockholder’s meeting, Google CEO Eric Schmidt reported that Android partners were now shipping about 65,000 handsets per day which includes 34 mobile devices in 49 countries. Interestingly enough, Schmidt also took a subtle jab at Apple, saying that “[Google] is trying to build an entire ecosystem of ... Read More »