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Nov 09 AT 5:19 PM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Photo Magic is Facebook’s solution to quickly share photos with facial recognition

Though plenty of analysts have predicted its downfall, Facebook is a juggernaut that won’t stop moving. Facebook’s latest concoction is Photo Magic, a new feature in Facebook Messenger that uses facial recognition to quickly find photos to share with your friends. Photo Magic goes through your camera roll and uses facial recognition software ... Read More »

Photo Magic
Dec 18 AT 8:14 PM Nick Gray 246 Comments

Has Android reached its peak?

As much as we all love the little green robot that powers our smartphones, some are predicting that Google’s mobile OS has gone as far as it can. Their argument is that Android is ahead of the competition when it comes to innovation, but there’s really nowhere else to go. Yes, the people at Google ... Read More »