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Mar 24 AT 9:49 PM Taylor Wimberly 42 Comments

Instagram for Android still coming soon, so check out these 12 alternative cameras

Instagram describes its service as “A fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.” It’s already one of the most popular apps on iOS with over 27 million users and early this month Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced his popular iOS app was coming to Android very soon.

Systrom promised it would be “one ... Read More »

Mar 30 AT 7:37 PM Clark Wimberly 11 Comments

Staff picks: Free time-wasting games, aGibbets, Mathematiles Demo, Roller Lite, FatBooth

Let me preface today’s game-centric episode of Staff Picks by saying: I know these aren’t the most technically impressive specimens and they won’t be pushing your phone to its absolute dual-core-powered goodness, but that’s OK. More often than not, I find myself playing with silly little games or lightweight time-wasters over the old-school gaming epic. ... Read More »