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May 30 AT 10:25 AM Anthony Domanico 13 Comments

Flipboard for Android to enter beta testing TODAY

Flipboard for Android made its debut on the Galaxy S III superphone, which is currently making its way around the world. Flipboard chose the Galaxy S III as a launch exclusive because it wanted to focus on delivering the same polished experience the application has on iOS to Android, and tailoring the application ... Read More »

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May 03 AT 2:13 PM Anthony Domanico 7 Comments

Flipboard comes to Android via the Galaxy S III, wider launch coming soon

I’m not ashamed to admit that I own an iPad to go along with the 3 Android tablets currently on my desk. There are just several applications available for the iPad that haven’t yet made their way to Android tablets, or (perhaps, worse) as scaled up Android phone applications that are not pleasant to use.

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Flipboard Slashgear Image via: SlashGear