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Jul 30 AT 2:29 PM Dustin Earley 22 Comments

Tackling the fragmentation myth

Have you heard the latest news? Have you seen the headlines? It’s worse than we thought. Android fragmentation is at an all-time high. There are so many devices, running so many different versions of Android, Google has ruined Android by not throwing a choke chain on manufacturers and yelling “HEEL BOY!” every time they consider ... Read More »

May 15 AT 3:27 PM Dustin Earley 45 Comments

Google updating Android without updating Android is the biggest news out of I/O 2013

Google used this year’s developer conference to announce a ton of new features and services available now and coming soon for Android. There is a new Maps experience; Google Play has been updated; Google Now is set to include more information; Google game services will enhance your gaming experience across phones, tablets and platforms; Google ... Read More »

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May 30 AT 10:25 AM Anthony Domanico 13 Comments

Flipboard for Android to enter beta testing TODAY

Flipboard for Android made its debut on the Galaxy S III superphone, which is currently making its way around the world. Flipboard chose the Galaxy S III as a launch exclusive because it wanted to focus on delivering the same polished experience the application has on iOS to Android, and tailoring the application ... Read More »

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Oct 27 AT 11:20 AM Anthony Domanico 56 Comments

New chart visualizes Android fragmentation

Michael DeGusta has painted a painful picture of the ongoing Android vs. iOS war. Mr. DeGusta looked back at all US-available Android devices as of mid-2010 and compared their update cycles to that  of Apple’s iPhone. Frankly, when it comes to OS fragmentation, it doesn’t look good for Android.