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Jan 31 AT 5:51 PM Dustin Earley 13 Comments

Google’s campus has a new Android statue, and it probably means nothing

There’s a picture going around on Google+ today that features a new installment on Google’s Mountain View campus, fueling rumors and speculation. It’s of a chrome Android statue, and unfortunately, it probably means nothing.

Posted by Googler Paul Wilcox, positioned across the street from where Google has placed a new statue for every ... Read More »

chrome android statue Image via: Paul Wilcox
Nov 13 AT 6:20 PM Nick Gray 21 Comments

Another Gingerbread sighting at the Googleplex

Gingerbread has finally arrived! Google sent out a short tweet yesterday with the announcement. Unfortunately, the gingerbread Google is talking about is not exactly what we’ve been waiting for. The cafe’s at Google HQ have been hard at work making little gingerbread cookies in the shape of our favorite green mascot. While the cookies taste ... Read More »