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Aug 04 AT 5:54 PM Alberto Vildosola 21 Comments

Android owns 40% of the US smartphone market, no wonder people want to strangle it

“Android is on fire.” That’s what Google’s David Drummond said yesterday in a blog post about Microsoft’s, Apple’s and Oracle’s strategy to assassinate Android. Basically, Android is growing like crazy and these three companies are doing everything in their power to not only stop it, but also erase it from the face of ... Read More »


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Jul 06 AT 5:14 PM Alberto Vildosola 38 Comments

While Microsoft chases Android OEMs, Google is about to own 40% of the US smartphone market

Are you ready for your weekly dose of Android growth news? You better be, ’cause comScore is back with its smartphone market report. And guess what? Android’s still growing. Also in the “doing good” section, Apple’s iOS keeps widening the gap between itself and RIM’s Blackberry. That’s pretty much all the good news; ... Read More »