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Dec 15 AT 3:55 PM Dima Aryeh 4 Comments

Inateck Christmas deals

Inateck has some pretty cool products on the market, and their Christmas deals have begun. You can get many of their products discounted on Amazon by using a discount code. And thankfully, this sale applies not only to the U.S. but the U.K. and Canada as well (though with different products).

Aside from Bluetooth speakers, ... Read More »

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Dec 26 AT 9:51 AM Nick Sarafolean 9 Comments

How were your holidays?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season that was full of family, friends and all-around good stuff. On that note, we’d love to hear about your holidays. Did you do anything special? Maybe you traveled somewhere exciting and celebrated the holidays there? Then, of course, there are ... Read More »

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Dec 22 AT 2:47 PM My Life With Andy 5 Comments

My Life with Andy – Holiday Goodies

The mall spends 4/5ths of the year being a gaping black hole devoid of usefulness. But the week or so after Thanksgiving and before the few weeks leading up to Christmas where the crowds are too much to endure you are left with an almost passable shopping experience. Multiple stores in a short walking distance, a food court where you can get a giant pretzel with a side of greek food and a smoothie- it’s all quite a scene.