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Jul 01 AT 10:59 AM Edgar Cervantes 6 Comments

Video: EVO 3D gets its first tear down

Most of us cringe at the sound of even the smallest cracks and pops when taking off our phone’s battery door, but some adventurous people like to tear right into their devices. Guys like franky_402 and lyon21 from Android Central are admired tear-down video gurus. And rightly so; it’s an achievement to void your warranty ... Read More »

Jun 23 AT 2:59 PM Nick Gray 61 Comments

HTC EVO 3D initial hands-on impressions

The HTC EVO 3D is almost here.  I know there are lots of Sprint and EVO fans planning to pick up the handset as soon as Sprint stores open their doors tomorrow morning. So, we thought we’d share our initial impressions of the handset.  The demo unit showed up on my door step yesterday afternoon.  ... Read More »