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Sep 16 AT 3:56 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Apple releases Move to iOS app for Android

Moving between mobile platforms is never easy. All of your information is always mismatched between phones. Apple aims to make it easier to make the wrong decision and leave Android for iOS by releasing the Move to iOS app on the Play Store.

The Move to iOS app will create a private WiFi network between ... Read More »

Move to IOS

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Aug 31 AT 11:32 AM Alex Wagner 0 Comments

Android Wear now supports the iPhone

We’ve long been enjoying Android Wear on our wrists, including Google Now alerts and voice commands, for a while now. And starting today, our iPhone-toting friends can do the same.

Google today officially announced Android Wear support for iPhone. iOS users will get many of the same features that Android Wear on Android offers, including ... Read More »

Mar 19 AT 3:59 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

iOS compatibility code found in Android Wear

Android may dominate the smartphone market, but Apple still holds a big share. And the fact that Android Wear is exclusive to Android doesn’t help the smartwatch industry, as Google and its manufacturers are losing out on significant amounts of sales. With the Apple Watch being overly expensive, people would definitely buy a cheaper Android ... Read More »

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