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Apr 03 AT 8:37 AM Anthony Domanico 13 Comments

Google and Oracle settlement talks stall, trial set for April 16th

Settlement talks in the ongoing legal battle between Google and Oracle have stalled in the past few weeks. Just last week, Judge Paul S. Grewal asked the two companies to give settlement talks one last chance, requesting a final decision on the matter by April 9th. After a few days of talks, the companies ... Read More »

lego-lawyer-gun-briefcase Image via: pasukaru76 with Creative Commons
May 06 AT 10:45 AM Alberto Vildosola 8 Comments

Judge orders Oracle to toss out most of the patent claims against Google

Things just got a bit easier for Google on its fight against Oracle. In case you forgot, Oracle sued Google last August claiming that Android infringes on Oracle’s Java patents and copyrights. Yesterday, Judge William Alsup ordered Oracle to trim its patent claims from 132 to a manageable three. Likewise, Google also had to ... Read More »

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