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Mar 19 AT 1:08 PM Taylor Wimberly 19 Comments

NVIDIA reveals Tegra 5, Tegra 6 at GTC 2013

Today at GTC 2013, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed the latest Tegra roadmap and provided a preview of where their mobile chip is headed. Project Logan (Tegra 5) will introduce NVIDIA’s Kepler GPU architecture with CUDA cores, and Project Parker (Tegra 6) will include NVIDIA’s custom Denver CPU core, their next generation Maxwell GPU, and ... Read More »

Feb 19 AT 9:00 AM Taylor Wimberly 11 Comments

NVIDIA reveals Tegra 4i chip with integrated LTE, positions chip as a Snapdragon slayer

Today NVIDIA revealed its first mobile processor with a fully integrated 4G LTE modem, the NVIDIA Tegra 4i, which finally places them on an even playing field with Qualcomm. The Tegra line of chips have been successful in capturing a good chuck on the Android tablet market, but the lack of an integrated modem has slowed the ... Read More »


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Feb 16 AT 1:23 PM Taylor Wimberly 19 Comments

NVIDIA almost confirms HTC One X, says Tegra 3 phones to ship next month

Yesterday NVIDIA held their quarterly earnings call and Tegra was the hottest topic, being mentioned close to 50 times. Even though Tegra only accounted for $360 million in 2012 (roughly 9% of NVIDIA’s revenue), investors had many questions about the future of the mobile application processor business.

Earlier in the year, analyst were expecting anywhere ... Read More »