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Jul 23 AT 8:08 AM Anthony Domanico 20 Comments

Amazon planning for tablet market domination?

There’s a report out of Reuters this morning that Amazon is working on not one or two tablets, but a whopping six tablet SKUs coming fairly soon according to Staples’ President of U.S. Retail Demos Parneros. This could go one of two different ways. It could amount to an entire refresh of the overall Kindle lineup, with ... Read More »


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Apr 02 AT 8:56 PM Dustin Earley 101 Comments

The future of Android in 2012

Time and time again, Android’s demise is spelled out by bloggers all across the globe. Whether it’s because of a lack of revenue generated by Android itself, fragmentation, a new iPhone or a patent lawsuit, someone, somewhere is always predicting Android is on the way out. Well if you haven’t noticed, that’s far from reality. ... Read More »