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Feb 15 AT 3:01 PM Dustin Earley 15 Comments

Dyzplastic’s Android figures find their way into Urban Outfitters, F.Y.E. and Barnes and Noble

If you’ve been around the Android scene for long enough, you’ve no doubt heard of/seen/own your own Dyzplastic Android figure. Traditionally, Dyzplastic designs and releases limited edition Android figurines that end up selling out extremely fast, eventually making their way to eBay for five times the original price. Designer series, or limited edition, Android figures ... Read More »

Dec 19 AT 5:53 PM Dustin Earley 84 Comments

Monday Nexus news roundup

Now that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is in full effect, news on the device is dropping faster than RIM’s profits (ba-dum tsss!). If we were to cover every individual nugget of Nexus news that hits the web, your Twitter and RSS feeds would look like a green, red, yellow and blue bomb went off. And ... Read More »