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May 24 AT 8:59 AM Anthony Domanico 30 Comments

Deutsche Telekom: No takeovers, but merger still on the table for T-Mobile USA

While addressing shareholders at the company’s annual meeting in Cologne, Germany, Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann told investors that a complete takeover of T-Mobile USA was out of the question after AT&T’s very public failed bid last year. Obermann did tell investors that it was considering all other options, including a potential merger of ... Read More »

Feb 13 AT 5:10 PM Anthony Domanico 50 Comments

European Commission and U.S. Department of Justice bless Google Motorola merger

As expected, the European Commission rendered their verdict on the pending merger between Google and Motorola Mobility, and the verdict brings good news for the Mountain View company. The European Commission was likely to be one of the biggest hurdles Googorola would need to overcome to get the deal approved, and Europe today officially ... Read More »


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