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Jul 18 AT 5:20 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

ZTE announces the ZMAX PRO headed to MetroPCS

ZTE has announced the new ZMAX PRO, a smartphone that’s coming to MetroPCS on August 1. And though it’s only $99 after an instant rebate, it’s not all that budget oriented.

ZTE claims that the ZMAX PRO is the first carrier-supported device in the US to feature a fingerprint reader under $100, which is impressive. ... Read More »

Nov 16 AT 5:46 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

MetroPCS website inadvertently revealed sensitive data for more than 10 million customers

Sensitive information pertaining to more than 10 million MetroPCS customers was put at risk by the company’s web team due to some sloppy coding. The “bug” was discovered by security researchers Eric Taylor and Blake Welsh and allowed them to gain access to a person’s home address, phone serial number and additional account details simply ... Read More »