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Aug 02 AT 10:41 AM Nick Gray 26 Comments

Motorola’s magic trick: sizing up the Moto X

With all the Motorola Moto X news that we pushed out yesterday, one of the device’s most astounding features didn’t get much attention: its size. Technically, the Moto X is a mid-range Android phone that carries a price comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Tech enthusiasts may find that a bit off-putting, ... Read More »

Jul 10 AT 10:11 PM Nick Gray 21 Comments

WSJ: Google to promote Moto X with $500 million marketing campaign – device heading to all major US carriers this fall

While we’re still waiting for the official Motorola Moto X unveiling, it’s nearly impossible to go 24 hours without a new rumor of leak hitting the internet. According to the Wall Street Journal, “people familiar with the matter” claim that Google is willing to let Motorola shell out upward of $500 million to promote the ... Read More »

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